Sachsenring (D)

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[:en]The NEW SACHSENRING was created directly on the former Sachsenring on a site of more than 50 hectares. 
Nestled in the hilly landscape of the Chemnitz region, the circuit with its 14 corners offers a very interesting driving route with a great fun factor. The Sachsenring is also the venue of the MotoGP and the ADAC GT Masters, each with over 210,000 spectators.

Distance 3.67km

Address: D-09353 Am Sachsenring Oberlungwitz

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* Guided driving teaches you about the different braking points and driving lines. They complete the introductory rounds behind one of our race cars, which is piloted by a professional racer. At least 5 introductory laps are completed behind the race car and the remaining laps can then be driven freely.


  • Hull insurance EUR 60.- (deductible EUR 3800.-) / compulsory
  • Reduce deductible to EUR 1000.-: EUR 50.- / optional
  • Track rental EUR 40.- / obligatory

For all Swiss racing fans: The current exchange rate is used for the conversion.

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