Terms and Conditions

The reservation and participation of events organized by Axtra Racing GmbH are carried out under the following conditions. These are the only conditions. Contrary conditions, or conditions that differ from our conditions, are only valid if Axtra Racing GmbH recognises them explicitly in writing.
For all services offered, we specifically point out that the organisers of motor sport events and the racing teams reserve the right of changes in the schedule due to specific circumstances (weather, accidents, interruption of training, interruption of a race, blocking of the racetracks, defects in the racing car, vehicle not available, etc.). We assume no liability for such incidents.

In the case of the discontinuation of an event, the customer has no right to a refund. The responsibility for the implementation and process is with the corresponding organiser; please note that you can’t participate in the event if you are under the effect of drugs, alcohol, or strong medication, use a pacemaker, have circulatory problems or spinal damage. The DMSB provisions apply, according to the current DMSB manual.

Has an Axtra Racing racecar before the event a technical problem, organise axtra Racing a car in the same class to drive the event with out an information to the client.

Before starting the event, the participant must sign a liability disclaimer for the organiser. All the conditions of the corresponding organiser must be fulfilled in its entirety. Entering the paddock and the pits, and participating in the events, can be dangerous, and is done at your own risk. With your payment, you accept the terms and conditions, and release us from all responsibility.

Service and Payment
With your order (via Xing Events, contact form, email, or phone), you offer us the binding acceptance of a contract. For us, the contract will be binding when we confirm the order in writing, via an invoice. The payment conditions noted on the invoice apply. We reserve the right to cancel reservations which aren’t paid within the specified payment conditions, and to charge an administrative fee of 30%. 30% of the contracted amount for the event is also due in case the participant cancels up to 14 days before the event. In case of a cancellation, by the participant, less than 14 days before the event, this amount is increased to 70%. Cancellations less than 3 days before the event will result in the retention of 100% of the contracted amount for such an event. The entry fee is forfeit money – there is no right to a refund or payment of unused arrangement and/or implementation costs which were already incurred by the MSC-I for such an event, after the beginning of the event. If you don’t pay the entire invoice amount, you have no claim to services by us. If a reserved date is not used by you, you have no claim to substitute services. The purchased vouchers have a validity of 24 months.

Usage and Responsiblity
We don’t assume a liability for services not rendered, for example if the event must be cancelled due to force majeure (interruption of the race, defects in the vehicle, weather, etc.). Possible payments to third parties (tickets, hotel, travel expenses, etc.) may not be exerted or refunded in such cases. We reserve the right to make program changes. Participation is at your own risk.

Safety Regulations
During the entire event, the representatives of Axtra Racing GmbH are authorized to give instructions to the participants. Axtra Racing GmbH specifically points out that the participants must behave in a very disciplined way, and comply with the team’s instructions and notices. During the entire event, alcohol is strictly forbidden (alcohol level 0.0 parts per thousand). Following these rules is essential to ensure safety. In case of breaches against these rules, the MSC-I has the right to exclude participants from additional participation, without prior warning. In such cases, there will be no refund of the price of the event. The participant is responsible for any damage to people, objects, or capital, caused to Axtra Racing GmbH due to participants not following existing regulations. To participate in the event, a good physical constitution is required. The participant declares that he is not aware of health problems in his own person, including vertebral damage, claustrophobia, cardiovascular problems, nerve and mind ailments.

Photographs or videos taken by Axtra Racing GmbH and the participants of the events as well as possible companions may be published by Axtra Racing GmbH without any additional release. By participating in our event, the participant hereby declares his consent.

Registration by Third Parties
If the registration is not done by the participant himself, the customer has the responsibility that the participant is fully informed about our terms and conditions. Possible breaches of duty by the participant, which result in his exclusion from additional participation, are the responsibility of the customer.

Cancellation / Rebooking of Tickets and Vouchers
To be effective, a cancellation must be done in writing (by mail). The deadlines mentioned above apply to the reception of the cancellation notification (postmark) at Axtra Racing GmbH. Axtra Racing GmbH has the right to offset the cancellation fee with event payments that were already paid.

Choice of Law
The contract signed with the client as well as these Terms and Conditions and all resulting rights and obligations are subject to Swiss law. The place of performance and the jurisdiction of the place of performance for all obligations from the contractual relationship is CH Unterägeri/Switzerland.